Teacher Training


The Weston Network offers a five month Teacher Training program that prepares individuals with the tools and experience to take the Respectful Confrontation© method out into the world.

With a maximum number of 10 spots available for this upcoming program (April-September, 2020), you will receive close guidance from Joe Weston throughout the program. He will teach the subtlest aspects of the practices and concepts, give insights into the deeper wisdom of the work, as well as share techniques that result in a higher level of skill in facilitation and navigating resistance and challenges – whether as a teacher, consultant, coach, therapist, caregiver, healer, parent, changemaker, or engaged citizen.

Graduates can integrate the Respectful Confrontation© method with their own work, receive the option of membership in the Weston Network, and move toward the possibility of leading future True Power Leadership and Respectful Confrontation© workshops.

As of May, 2019, there are now a dozen trained teachers in North America and Europe, in addition to teachers in the Middle East.

Why Would I Apply?

We are living in an important historical moment. Leaders are needed at every level of our culture to ignite cultural transformation, to mend and create new types of relationships between each other, our planet, and with ourselves. The Respectful Confrontation© method offers the tools for personal transformation that precedes and moves into cultural transformation; the Respectful Self that leads to Respectful Engagement.

The program is designed to promote the integration of knowledge, reflection, and action, allowing people to learn by going deep into the process.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Deeper knowledge and experience of self
  • Chance to experiment with and embody the 4 Pillars of True Power
  • Greater capacity to coach and lead others
  • Increased ability to navigate group dynamics
  • Empowered relationships with fellow trainees
  • Deeper understanding and integration of the Respectful Confrontation© method
  • Personal, hands-on teaching, coaching, and guidance from Joe Weston


One of the following paths is required::

  • Participant in at least one Respectful Confrontation© weekend workshop, an Assistant for Joe in at least two workshops, plus an interview with Joe
  • Participant in at least two Respectful Confrontation© weekend workshops, an Assistant for Joe in at least one workshop, plus an interview with Joe
  • Participant in at least one Respectful Confrontation© weekend workshop, attending an Advanced Retreat, plus an interview with Joe Weston

Program Elements:

  • Two five-day trainings
  • Three coaching sessions with Joe Weston
  • Eight to twelve peer group and practice group sessions with fellow trainees and advisors over a four month period
  • Final presentation of various aspects of training

Training Location & Dates:

Time Commitment

  • Approximately 8 hours per month for the five months of the program
  • Two five day intensives


After completion of the program, you can add the method into your own work, license the name for your own workshops, and start the process of becoming a member of the Weston Network.


$3900 tuition + $800 room and board

Payment plans are available. Also, for trainees who attend the Advanced Retreat in November, 2019, a $400 discount will be offered.

For more information, contact us.

“The Respectful Confrontation Teacher Training is beautiful and transformative. I’m in awe of the depth of this teaching and Joe’s ability to meet each of his students where they are and serve them to fully inhabit their own true power. This was a training not only in the deep concepts underlying Respectful Confrontation but also deep training in the courage to be my full self. It’s training in radical resilience and the ability to meet the moment whatever the moment brings. It’s training in empowering oneself and everyone one touches, which strikes me as particularly relevant for this moment in history. This training was a joy! I left and immediately applied what I learned with my clients and in my intimate relationship. Not to mention, the people attracted to diving deeply in this work are some of the most appealing people I have ever met.”

— Amelia Perkins, Coach, Teacher, and Facilitator