Teacher Training


Completing the Teacher Training program in the Respectful Confrontation methodology offers a few options outlined below. Teachers can:

  1. Facilitate, teach, coach, and consult for The Weston Network
  2. License use of Respectful Confrontation to lead your own workshops
  3. Include principles and practices within your own training and consulting framework


  • Attended at least one Respectful Confrontation© weekend workshop as a participant
  • Part of the assistant team for at least two weekend workshops
  • Acceptance into program based upon completed application and interview with Joe Weston

Program Elements:

  • Two five-day trainings
  • Coaching sessions with Joe Weston in between trainings
  • Bi-weekly peer group sessions with fellow trainees between trainings
  • Final presentation of various aspects of training

Our inaugural teacher training program started in the Fall of 2018, and will finish in the Spring of 2019. Please contact Todd to learn when the next Teacher Training session will begin.

Cost:    $3900

Payment plans are available.