Reviving the Global Heart Online Practice

 Cultural transformation can begin with you!

Join us every Tuesday at 11:15 am ET for a 45 minute virtual gathering of like-minded individuals around the world to cultivate the hope, intention, and implementation of Reviving the Global Heart.

These sessions begin with a “motivation” — thoughts on what is happening in the world and our opportunities to “bridge” rather than continue the cycle of “breaking.”

We then spend 15-20 minutes together in a silent practice as a way of developing presence, grounding, courage, and an increased capacity to engage with more and more beings in an empowered, resilient, openhearted way.

The session will end with discussion and a dedication.

The rigid locking in of viewpoints, habits and patterns, and the incapacity to listen and open to the viewpoints, habits and patterns of others is causing a kind of standstill. Think about two rams in battle, locking horns and continuing to push, push, push. Think of all the energy they are putting into moving forward, but not getting anywhere. This is the standstill of polarity. This is the current state of the global heart.

If we want to see the global heart revived, with equality and fair equity for all, we must start with inhabiting our own hearts, adopting the courage to see our own unconscious behavior, and the respect, compassion, and skill to speak to and listen to those who are different.

This Tuesday tradition began in the Summer of 2018, and was originally called the Lasting Peace Meditation. Since then, we’ve been joined by hundreds of people across the globe. Some of the unedited recordings you can view on YouTube.

“Let the sound of heart-filled stillness ring throughout the world, cut through the confusion and call us to our highest!” — Joe Weston

“A movement begins when the oppressed begin seeing themselves as pioneers in creating new, more human relations. Confident of their own humanity, movement builders are able to recognize the humanity in others, including their opponents.” — Grace Lee Boggs, iconic peace activist

This event is free of charge. Tell all your friends!

The Zoom link is below. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Note: if this is your first time using Zoom, you may need to download the software to join us.

Zoom link for Reviving the Global Heart Online Practice