Resilient Power Assessment & Coaching

How do you access your personal power?

The 4 Pillars of Resilient Power offers a way to access your innate power to meet the needs of any situation with balance, flow and skill.

  • Learn more about your relationship with your own authentic power
  • Discover latent talents and capacities within yourself
  • Increase physical vitality, emotional stability and mental clarity
  • Work more effectively with less time and energy
  • Establish trust and deepen collaboration with others
  • Build confidence and authority as a leader
  • Assess the strengths and challenges within teams and come up with clear strategies to increase productivity
  • Ensure personal and systemic resilience, longevity and sustainability to meet the challenges of our time

Resilient Power Assessment

For two decades, Joe Weston and The Weston Network, have been offering workshops and coaching on the Four Pillars of Resilient Power. Now we have developed an Assessment so people can understand their own current balance of personal power based on responding to forty statements.

The Resilient Power Assessment is a way of looking at your tendencies,
behaviors, and thoughts — particularly in the face of challenges. The
Assessment is based upon the Four Pillars of Resilient Power, which
inform how you view yourself in the world, your level of comfort in
engaging with others, and your ability to assert your truth and access
your authentic personal power.

The results of most psychological assessment tools provide you with a fixed personality type. The Four Pillars of Resilient Power offers a glimpse of your current “relationship” with your innate power and capacities — it’s a starting point for intentional growth and expansion. This means . . .

You can shift the balance!


Resilient Power Coaching

Resilient Power Coaches help bring insights to how you can shift the balance of your own personal power. Based upon the results of the Resilient Power Assessment, coaches will help you gain insights to how your power is expressed in the world, and help you find approaches and practices to bring more integrated grounding, focus, strength, and flexibility into your professional and personal life.

The Weston Network has eight certified coaches. Contact us to schedule a 15 minute conversation to help determine which coach would work best for you.

The power is in your hands!