You have a great organization with capable people… Why is there so much conflict and drama that gets in the way of productivity?



Few things are as detrimental to an organization or firm as miscommunication and unaddressed conflict. But the problem is rampant, since many of us have not been taught the language and skills of collaboration. Without the proper skills, people will often resort to silence, aggression, complaining, or apathy.

Respectful Confrontation® offers practices and skills that enable people to stay grounded and connected in the face of challenges, engaging others with respectful assertiveness. The Respectful Confrontation toolkit provides essential skills that address the physiological side of stress, along with new skills for respectfully tackling the obstacles that wear away at the productivity and integrity of an organization.

An organization’s value is best realized when people can bring their full selves to work. When they do, differences are highlighted, and sometimes tensions, which can be transformed into more powerful ways of working together through Respectful Confrontation.

Organizations around the world have seen the effectiveness of their teams increase through this training, alongside a reduction in anxiety, stress, misunderstandings and conflict. The Respectful Confrontation work also deepens relationships, supports purpose and fulfillment, and trains leaders for the 21st century.


  • I’ve hired the best people in the field. Why am I still having trouble getting them to work effectively together?
  • How do I keep up with the demands of my job when I’m asked to produce more with less resources and time?
  • How do I get more “buy in” from my staff and also prevent compassion fatigue?
  • I’ve done communication trainings, and I know all the right things I’m supposed to say, but what keeps me from applying it in stressful moments?
  • How do I stand in my power and speak my truth with my boss or colleagues who can sometimes be demanding?
  • My strategies and habits at work may be effective now, but will I be able to maintain that in 5, 10, 20 years?

Respectful Confrontation might be the answer.

Inspired by the insights of neuroscience, contemporary communication models, as well as the wisdom and practices of martial arts and somatic techniques, Respectful Confrontation’s easy-to-follow methods (designed to benefit both leaders and teams) provide exercises and tools that can produce immediate, tangible benefits. By investing time and energy in building trust, collaboration and personal self-care, you will see productivity increase with less time and effort.


Tackling the difficult conversations (1.5 – 2 day training)

This interactive approach offers ways to cultivate a deeper sense of inner balance, grounding and focus while developing a confident, dexterous use of assertiveness and flexibility to ensure that challenges are confronted in a way that leads to mutual empowerment, new solutions to old problems and in a way that reduces the risk of you or others getting harmed. This leads to deepening of trust, collaboration and a healthy work culture. Ideal for leaders, managers and teams.

Body-based skill building for increasing resilience (1.5 – 2 day training)

Based on neuroscience and mind-body practices, this training offers ways to build resilience and address chronic stress and harmful coping mechanisms leading to a healthier and productive work environment and a decrease in burn out and compassion fatigue. Based on Weston’s “The 4 Pillars of Resilient Power”, these easy to apply tools cultivate concrete ways to navigate a more balanced, resilient way of navigating the challenges and daily stresses at work. This leads to more vitality, effective decision-making, enhanced communication and long-term sustainability. Ideal for leaders, managers and teams.

(3-4 days)

An integration of the two parts of the Respectful Confrontation method, Communication and Resilience. This program incorporates both resilience training and conflict resolution techniques to create a multi-dimensional approach that helps you take theory and integrate it into your daily life. The training includes instruction, as well as time to practice the tools with role plays, team building interactive exercises, creative problem solving and setting of future goals and intentions for the individual and for the team.

(1 day training)

After some time, it is beneficial to offer a training to review the theory and exercises, as well as address issues that had arisen. The day will include a deepening of your understanding of the Respectful Confrontation exercises in the context of increasing your window of tolerance, wisdom and skill when confronted with stressful work, personal and cultural challenges. This increases your capacity to impact and influence those around you while also expending less energy to do it.

Invite Joe Weston to speak or lead a seminar for your group or organization. This interactive approach makes for a dynamic, fun experience as well as providing clear, easy-to apply insights and tools for those attending.
We offer one-on-one coaching to those looking to take their goals, mission or business or to the next level. For both executives, managers and leaders, as well as staff, this holistic approach brings all aspects of the client’s life into alignment to find the most effective ways to develop work/life balance and productivity, as well as a deeper level of fulfillment and purpose. These sessions are designed according to the needs of the individual or team.
For those organizations looking for a concentrated approach to long-term transformation, including team building, shifting the work culture, leadership development, resolving unspoken issues, resilience and stress management, we offer a package that includes a series of trainings that could include coaching and mediation. This program would be custom-made to suit the needs of the organization.

“My team functions much more effectively using processes built and put in place through the work with Respectful Confrontation. They get things done 20% faster, and better, because they know how to communicate effectively and resolve conflict quickly. People have stopped coming to me complaining about others; the drama has disappeared almost completely.” 

–Kevin C., Chief Development Officer for a health care company

Download a PDF of our offerings here.