Why do you feel like you’re not getting results that equal all your efforts for a more meaningful life at home and in your work?



These workshops, designed for individuals as well as for groups, provide the tools and insights for learning to speak truth skillfully, deepen relationships and tap into new internal energy resources. They also develop more effective, resilient ways of authentic expression, based on respect, courage and collaboration.

Most people have never learned the essential skills of Respectful Confrontation®, which allow them to stand in their power, speak their truth, hear the truth of others, and get their needs met in a way that won’t cause harm. This process not only deepens relationships; it is a path to increasingly finding purpose and fulfillment in your life.


  • Do you avoid difficult discussions?
  • Can you handle feedback or do you take it personally?
  • Are you capable of setting boundaries?
  • Is your ‘yes’ really yes and does your ‘no’ remain no?
  • Have you ever been called intimidating or hard to approach? Or too sensitive?
  • Do you spend a lot of energy managing others’ reactivity?
  • Are you seeking a deeper sense of balance, fulfillment or purpose?
  • Are you looking for new ways to be more resilient and capable of navigating the challenges of our time?

Respectful Confrontation might be the answer.


Synthesizing embodied technologies, including mindfulness and martial arts exercises, with modern extensive research on neuroscience, these trainings provide easy-to-apply tools and exercises that result in a noticeable shift in behavior, deeper insight into the self, and an ease with tackling challenging situations with integrity and understanding. Check our current schedule for upcoming workshops.
The day will include a deepening of your understanding of the Respectful Confrontation exercises in the context of increasing your window of tolerance, wisdom and bravery when confronted with stressful work, personal and societal challenges. This increases your capacity to impact and influence those around you while also expending less energy to do it.
Invite Joe Weston to speak or lead a seminar for your group or organization. This interactive approach makes for a dynamic, fun experience as well as providing clear, easy-to apply insights and tools for those attending.
We offer one-on-one coaching for those looking to take their goals, mission, business or calling to the next level. Weston’s holistic approach brings all aspects of the client’s life into alignment to find the most effective ways to develop work/life balance, as well as a deeper level of fulfillment and purpose.

Want to go deeper with this work? We have an Advanced Retreat in November, 2019.

Interested in teaching this work? Explore our Teacher Training program.


“Humans have the potential to resolve conflict peacefully—whether it is between individuals or nations. Joe Weston’s trainings in Respectful Confrontation show us how to manifest that potential in a way that deepens our wisdom and awakens our heart. Reading this book will bring you more intimacy in your relationships and more capacity to help stem the tides of violence in our world.” 

–Tara Brach, meditation teacher and author of Radical Acceptance

Download a PDF of our offerings here.