Confrontation is the antidote to conflict. For individuals, communities, and organizations, this skills-based training offers easy-to-apply tools and techniques to:
  • Speak your truth and get your needs met
  • Build resilience and reduce stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Prevent and de-escalate conflict
  • Find lasting solutions to complex problems
  • Build self-confidence and authentic collaborations
  • Contribute to a culture of respect, civility and mutual empowerment

Many trainings offer guidelines on how to approach tough conversations or difficult people using conflict resolution theory and specific language. Applying these can be difficult, however, when the stress is high or when confronting a bully. Without added skills to regulate the nervous system, many people become reactive, give up or simply avoid what needs to be discussed. Other programs do focus on teaching coping mechanisms that affect the nervous system, such as mindfulness, but in ways that lack integration with real life applications. Even after years of practice, people may still feel dissatisfied and disempowered, unprepared to enact needed changes.


Using research from neuroscience, innovative somatic practices, martial arts disciplines, and philosophies and theories on human behavior and conflict resolution, Respectful Confrontation creates a multi-dimensional approach that helps people take theory and integrate it into daily life for a confident, dexterous use of assertiveness that is mutually empowering.

“A very useful training and book for those who believe, as I do, in respect for the humanity of the adversary. Weston is a keen and sensitive observer of the human condition.”

–James A. Joseph, former US Ambassador to South Africa



Joe Weston is an international trainer, workshop facilitator, author, consultant, coach, professor, and advocate for lasting peace. His clients include NASA, Booz Allen Hamilton, The World Bank, Oxfam, KLM, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mitsubishi Motors and various government and educational institutions.

Toward Collaboration and Wisdom

Growing up in a pugilistic environment led Joe on a quest to deeply understand the roots that underlie conflict; and subsequently, ways in which it can be safely addressed, or even prevented, through processes including confrontation and collaboration. These explorations took him around the world, where he studied diverse traditions, and learned from masters in the martial arts.

Joe synthesized a body of knowledge and practices that combine theory with somatic exercises.

Drawing on these, along with his experience in theater and various organizational trainings, Joe synthesized a body of knowledge and practices that combine theory with somatic exercises. The subsequent Respectful Confrontation and Resilient Power programs cultivate resilient strength within the individual and transformation of the world around them. His book, Mastering Respectful Confrontation, is read worldwide.

Programs from the Goddard Space Center to the Middle East

Joe brings almost thirty years of experience in providing training to corporations, government agencies and non-profits around the world, adapting the approach to the needs of each particular organization. He lived in Amsterdam for eighteen years and has created programs in some of the most conflict-ridden areas of the globe.

His work with women’s rights and other humanitarian organizations in the Middle East and the US, focuses on empowerment and leadership, reframing power/masculinity, and overcoming gender-based violence. He has also worked with veterans organizations in processes of integration and healing, and has also volunteered for the Liberation Prison Project, teaching meditation and leadership to inmates.

Joe works in both English and Dutch. As an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, School of Government, Department of Conflict Resolution, Joe teaches his course: Body-based skill building for navigating stress and confrontation.

His Resilient Power program, customized trainings and Respectful Confrontation workshops are among the most impactful and timely professional development opportunities offered today.



Vanessa Robichaud

Northern US

As the Director of Operations for the Weston Network, Vanessa is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the business are working together in harmony. Having spent her career primarily working in the consulting and coaching industry, Vanessa is passionate about supporting the back end of the business to create the opportunities for the transformational work to take place.

Manon Romijn

The Netherlands

Manon Romijn is a certified Respectful Confrontation trainer and has been an international team member since 2008, serving as a co-producer and co-facilitator in the Netherlands.

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Manon studied economics at the University of Amsterdam. Her natural curiosities and a quest for something deeper prompted her to give up her career in finance. With her partner, she travelled over two years through Africa by car. After this life changing event, Manon decided to follow her true passion and become an international certified trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). In her work, she combines this scientific approach with more somatic methods, including Family and Business Constellations and mindfulness. She has worked extensively in personal and business leadership development, including collaborations with Respectful Confrontation partner organizations including NASA/Goddard Space Center, Omega Institute, Oxfam in Israel and Palestine, as well as with many organizations in the Netherlands. Manon started a Respectful Confrontation community in the Netherlands would like to develop a Respectful Confrontation program for children that will be taught at school. She works in both Dutch and English.

Sharon Shelton

North Carolina US

Sharon Shelton is a mindfulness teacher, life coach, group facilitator and businesswoman.


She graduated from one of the top accredited coach training schools in the world (IPEC) and brings over 25 years’ experience working with Fortune 100 companies, small technology start-ups and nonprofit organizations. She has also completed studies at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City and is an ordained Interfaith Minister. Sharon has completed both introductory and advanced courses in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at Duke Integrative Medicine and recently completed a 2yr training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach to become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

Living in alignment with her deepest intentions is Sharon’s daily practice; supporting individuals who prioritize personal growth and community service close the gap between where they are and where they want to be by cultivating mindsets and habits that align with their deepest desires is her life’s work.

Wil Fisher

Southern California US

Wil Fisher is a life coach, facilitator, producer, performer, writer, and nonprofit professional.


Wil earned his MA in applied theatre from CUNY, and discovered the ways theatre can be used for community building, education, and for addressing social rights issues. He has brought this work to NYC classrooms in workshops focused on ways students can change their school’s culture around the perceptions and agreements of LGBTQ people. He has also brought this methodology to men’s work with the company he co-founded, Man Question which has offered workshops addressing our relationship to masculinity with groups ranging from LGBTQ groups to inmates at a maximum security men’s prison. Wil wrote, produced and performed his solo show, “Of and On Again” a story about his relationship with gender and with his drag alter ego, Sylvia London. Wil also served as the Executive Director of Easton Mountain, an LGBT retreat center in upstate New York where he initiated multiple programs including the Easton Mountain Leadership Academy for young adults. He is the founder of Willfully Living, his life coach practice that focuses on supporting gay, queer, bi and trans men to get past limiting beliefs and live at their highest potential.

Anika Harden

Mid-Atlantic US

Anika Harden has been an associate facilitator with The Weston Network for over 10 years.


A Washington DC resident and native, Anika has worked on programs with NASA, the National Institutes of Health, Colorado Trust, and the Obama Foundation. Anika previously lived and worked in the UK and Japan, and has a BFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

In addition to facilitation, Anika is an actor and director, as well as a teacher of voice and theatre at the Studio Acting Conservatory in DC. She has worked in the nonprofit sector utilizing her skills in technology, communications, and project management.

Kelly Asato

New England US

Kelly Asato is a somatic coach and facilitator in the field of leadership development.


For more than 15 years, Kelly has worked in the areas of communication, adult education, curriculum development and workshop delivery as an experienced group facilitator, workshop leader and coach. She is passionate about helping people identify their deepest potential and find fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

Alessandro Bruni


Alessandro is a graduate in Philosophy at the University of Pisa. In 2012 he founded Naima, a consulting bureau dedicated to business transformation based on knowledge, innovation and communication. He has both operated as a manager and a consultant in companies of all sectors.


Before Naima, Alessandro founded Abla, a leader in speech-automated business solutions. He teaches Strategic Development as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Pisa, Engineering Faculty, Business Management Course. And is engaged in the Summer Master School in Entrepreneurship in Humanities by Fondazione Golinelli in Bologna.

Alessandro coaches at Palestre delle Professioni Digitali, a post graduate educational on business innovation sponsored by Accenture Foundation and Samsung. He contributed to several start-ups in technology and presently is a tutor for competitive innovation hubs on sustainable business new ventures. Alessandro practices Respectful Confrontation as a core element of his commitment in strategic thinking, and to support positive behavioral shifts in individuals and companies. In his free time, he loves music and plays jazz piano. He is the author of ‘Senza aspettare Godot’, literally ‘Don’t wait for Godot,’ a manifesto and method in small & medium enterprise business growth.

Michelle Otero

Southwest US

Michelle Otero is a writer, community-based artist, and coach, who utilizes creative expression and storytelling as the basis for organizational development and positive social change.


Her process of engaging individuals and communities through the expression of shared story has found a wide range of applications, from helping environmental organizations understand the priorities of traditional land-based communities to helping people heal from trauma.

She is the author of Malinche’s Daughter, an essay collection based on her work with women survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Oaxaca, Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow. She lives in Albuquerque where she works with fellow artists and local farmers to implement the Community Table project, which combines art, local agriculture, and economic development as a platform for neighborhood revitalization. Michelle holds a B.A. in History from Harvard University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College.

Tori Hindson

Mountain West US

Tori Hindson is a facilitator, teacher, and bodyworker.


She has been practicing physical therapy for over 20 years and currently runs her own business specializing in craniosacral therapy, manual therapy, and visceral manipulation. She is also a yoga instructor and is passionate and inspired by self-evolution, global consciousness, shamanic healing, conscious parenting, yoga, nature, connection and being of service. Tori combines her sharp knowledge of the body with her intuitive wisdom to provide a safe container for transformation. The work of Respectful Confrontation has been paramount in the embodiment of her own truth, speaking it with grace, and allowing her to be an example of possibility for others. She resides in Boise, ID and is a mother of two.

Brennan Smith

New England US

Brennan’s focus is leadership development — trained through skills-based learning that is followed up with consistent practices — to produce high-trust, high-performance teams. 


Brennan has consulted public and private sector clients, including NASA, Health & Human Services, Huntington-Ingalls, and others. He is a certified facilitator of The Samurai Game ™ and he’s a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (Southern California and East Coast chapters).

The services Brennan is most called upon to provide are executive coaching, group coaching for project teams, embodied leadership training (using a wide variety of activities for executive presence and focus-building), and experiential team-building training.

Brennan has a Neurophysiology degree from the University of Kansas, a 1-year certification in counseling, and is a 3-time graduate of the prestigious Art of Leadership Mastery course.

Shelly Reichenbach

New England US

Shelly is a certified Respectful Confrontation trainer, and does embodied training and coaching. She is based in Boston.



Shelly . . .

Amelia Perkins

New England US

Amelia Perkins is a coach, facilitator, and relationship mentor living in Western Massachusetts.


Amelia has a Masters from Harvard Divinity School, a Masters of Transformational Leadership and Coaching, and was in The Weston Network’s first class of graduates.Together with her partner, she co-founded Kailo Mentoring Group where they work with individuals, couples, and organizations to optimize resilience and orient to the healing power of pleasure. She particularly loves teaching couples and singles techniques to manage their triggers with more efficiency so as to spend more time in the transformative potential of presence, play, and flow.

Heleen Brinkman

The Netherlands

Heleen Brinkman is a creative trainer and expert in dialogue and communications. She uses her background in theater, as well as her years in corporate training, to help people bridge differences and become “mission ready” for working together.

In collaboration with (Top Woman), Heleen trains and coaches women leaders working in complex professional organizations, such as universities, medical institutions and in the financial sector. In the “Close Encounters” program she developed, participants explore the space between spoken words. A certified Respectful Confrontation trainer, Heleen has co-facilitated Respectful Confrontation trainings with Oxfam for humanitarian workers in Jerusalem and Beirut, and also works with Radboud University Nijmegen, various municipalities, and the Talis housing corporation.  She works both in Dutch and English.

Jules Perkél

New York US

Jules Perkél, LCSW (pronouns she/her/ella) is a daughter, sibling, niece, cousin, partner, dog-parent, community member, organizer and Earth being.  Since 2011, she has worked in a community based program in the field of domestic violence/intimate partner violence with the intersection of disability, and currently has her own psychotherapy practice based in NYC.


Connected to the spectrum of identities in the people she holds space for, aspects of her own identities as a multicultural queer cis-woman inform a commitment to facilitate learning infused with compassion, curiosity and courageousness.  Guided by these elements, she sees healing as a journey and dedication that each person extends towards parts of themselves and their community.

Jules’ life and work practice is influenced by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, Black radical politics and tradition, Black liberation psychology, as well as ancient and traditional healing wisdoms, and roots in the martial arts of Tai Chi and Judo. She is clinically trained in the modalities of Internal Family Systems, Modern Psychoanalysis, EMDR, Liberation Focused Healing framework, and various somatic based techniques. She guest teaches university classes and provides workshops at local, state and national conferences, institutions and organizations. She holds bachelors degrees in Communications, Sociology, and African American Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and a masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work in New York City, NY.

Talya Klein

North Carolina US

Talya Klein is an award-winning writer, director, producer, visual artist and world-class creative collaborator.


In addition to her training with the Weston Network, Talya holds a BA in “Theater and Social Struggle” from Duke University and an MFA from the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Program in Acting & Directing. Among other things, she uses her training in presence, mindfulness and collaboration to teach acting, directing and empowered speech techniques at Duke University.

La Sarmiento

Mid-Atlantic US

La Sarmiento is a teacher, mentor, and retreat leader with a diverse background in Buddhism, community organizing, and body-based healing. In addition to impacting Respectful Confrontation with their keen insights, big smile, and open heart, they have influenced many people of all ages in the Washington DC region and beyond through retreats, their work in Reiki, meditation, and within the LGBTIQ community.

La works with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, and other institutions around the country. They also play the ukulele and are known for baking incredible chocolate chip cookies.

Juanita Range

Pacific Northwest US

Juanita Range is a mediator, facilitator, and coach with a background in training and leadership, as well as conflict, change, and innovation management. Her more than 25 years of experience supports clients in discovering, strengthening, releasing, and connecting life components that affect our presence and impact in the world.

With her company Range Mediation & Consulting, Juanita is a private practice consultant, warmly referred to by some clients as “The Resolutionist.”  She works with educators, executives, and professionals in individual, group, team, and organizational capacity.  The core of her work is inter and intra-personal alignment in workplace environments where she helps clients align intention with impact.  Her emphasis is on unraveling issues and conflict generated by human complexity at the intersection of human and organizational needs She facilitates and coaches crucial discussions on topics of communication, conflict, race, diversity, equity, and power, in particular, how these factors generate unintended workplace consequences, and continues to be brought into institutions to mediate challenging conversations around unconscious bias and racial equity. Juanita also provides volunteer service to Multnomah County District Court Small Claims Mediation program, and previously volunteered her mediation and negotiation skills to the pilot of Clackamas County Small Claim Court program.

Kevin John Fong

Northern California US

Kevin is a nationally recognized and respected cultural translator, facilitator, trainer, and speaker in transformative justice, leadership development and organizational design. His mission is to clarify purpose, align principles, and integrate systems to cultivate health and prosperity in organizations and communities.

Prior to founding Elemental Partners in 1995, Kevin spent four years in executive management at Macy’s CA, and ten years as the Founder and Director of the Clinical HIV Program and Teen Clinic at Asian Health Services, a community health center in Oakland, CA, that provided services in fifteen languages. Kevin was awarded a three-year fellowship from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. During his assignments in East Africa, Brazil, Guatemala, Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe, and throughout the U.S., Kevin paid particular attention to the effects of globalization on families, neighborhoods and villages from the context of community and citizen leadership. In recent years, Kevin has been called to facilitate community healing circles around the country, including: St. Louis|Ferguson, MO; Flint, MI; Dallas, TX; New Orleans, LA; Baltimore, MD; Charleston, SC; and Los Angeles, CA, and throughout rural communities in Mississippi, New Mexico, and Colorado. Kevin is a faculty member of the UCSF Center for Health Professions, a contributor with the Jackson (MS) Free Press, and serves on the Leadership Council of Within our Lifetime, a national movement to end racism. A third-generation Asian-Pacific American, Kevin earned his degrees in Physiology and East Asian Studies at the UC Berkeley.