Oct 11, 2015

As the season changes, we are witnessing a lot of accelerated change, personally and globally. What we have experienced is a world where we can no longer believe the lies and illusions we have chosen to believe. The media, a growing population of people daring to question and challenge the established order, and a steady acceptance of the power of Compassion and Cooperation are causing those forces that have been hidden to be seen for what they are – tactics to manipulate power and keep us in a state of fear and separation.

While I may have moments of confusion and discouragement when I see how much pain and suffering there is, I have to remember that we are only seeing a very limited, slanted version of world events. When I put a bit of extra time into it, and don’t rely onIy on mainstream media, I see that there are many many movements, groups and individuals imagesaround the world who share similar values and visions for a future based on dignity for all, equal opportunity for all and a collaborative effort to honor and respect the resources of the planet.

During this period of transition I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with people around the world and from all sectors, ages, customs and backgrounds, and I am inspired. Inspired by their commitment to overcoming our greatest current human ailment – the illusion of separation – and mustering up the courage to take risks, be diligent in their own growth and reach and connect with people they don’t know for the purpose of taking those small but powerful steps towards unity of purpose and lasting change.

Last weekend I taught a weekend course in DC and many of the participants happened to be from different parts of the US and have devoted their lives to healing, social justice and service. I was moved to tears by the opportunity we had to get to know one another, learn from each other and maybe create significant alliances that could make our missions and efforts more effective. Many of you know I love to use the metaphor of the League of Super Friends. Yes, a super hero is powerful, but imagine the unlimited possibilities when we unite and support one another when the going gets tough, share resources and brainstorm to come up with new solutions to familiar problems?

I shared a thought with the group: Imagine – Here you have 20+ people “randomly” coming together for a weekend together, all with remarkable gifts, knowledge, passion and creativity. And what if this exact group of people who “randomly” came together were the right mix of people needed to come up with the formula for, let’s say, world hunger???

Why not?

And the only thing that would keep us from engaging in a way to come up with that solution is if we choose to connect, be curious and listen to one another’s stories.
I offer this as a fun exercise:every time you are in a public place – a party, Metro, school, supermarket, even in your car on the highway – imagine that the people that are in your proximity are the exact group of people that would be needed to solve a current personal, relational or societal problem! Observe your own level of presence, your desire to connect, how open your heart is and see how it influences your behavior. Who knows, you may even put down your phone for a moment and perhaps feel the energy of possibility and hope.

Remember my Heartwalker motto: Peace… One step at a time!

Many blessings!