May 16, 2016
It’s been a while since I’ve written. While increasing my coaching practice and presenting my work at various organizations, I’ve used the last few months for reflection and deepening of practice. I search for deeper ways to stay in my heart as challenging world events unfold. If there ever was a time to enhance our skills in the 4 Pillars of True Power, it would be now!
thHow are you groundingyourself and your compassionate values, focusing your mind and communication, and finding the proper balance of strengthand flexibility as you navigate the stormy waters of our highly charged political and social climate? I find refuge in seeking out the middle way, always questioning any viewpoints I have that seem polarizing, or minimize another’s value. It’s hard work, but I believe it’s worth it for my own growth and for lasting peace to truly emerge.I’ll be returning to the Middle East to continue working with women’s rights groups. I’m creating a program that will be used to train men to work with other men to open the discussions on violence against women and increasing mens’ advocacy for the empowerment of women. I’m also continuing discussions with other groups here in the States to find ways to use Respectful Confrontation as a foundation for challenging discussions, like racial and class injustice.OCCUPYAs I often say: if only hanging out with people who already agree with you were going to solve our world problems, we would have already solved them. I believe what is required of us is our willingness, courage and skill to talk to and listen to those who are different, with respect and understanding, and a desire to open to new solutions to familiar problems. It takes all of us to be involved in this process. Not only at the negotiating tables, but the also the dinner table as well as any place you engage with people you don’t know.What steps are you willing to take towards connection and collaboration? Every step counts…

Many blessings!