Mar 3, 2016
I know there  is a lot of noise circulating about the United States presidential elections. I’ve had many conversations with people within the country as well as with many friends and colleagues in Europe who are following the elections with disbelief and fear.
If you are willing to hear more noise, here is a representation of some of my views in the form of a skit. The skit is called:

This is an illustration of how Americans are approaching this election cycle as consumerists and not informed voters, and how candidates are forced to pander to an electorate that is addicted to reality TV and lives by the true edict of American consumerism – “have it your way…”:

As passengers enter an airplane, a reporter is standing outside the door interviewing some passengers.

Reporter: Hello ma’am, who would you like to pilot this plane?

Passenger A: Well I of course want Mr. Stump.

R: Why is that?

A: Well, he seems like a regular guy.

R: Do know if he’s qualified to fly the plane?

A: That doesn’t matter. He’s a successful businessman. He’ll know what to do. And he has flown in planes so many times. He should be able to pilot it. He even has a private jet. Of course he’s qualified to fly the plane.

R: Thank you ma’am. (Pause) Excuse me sir, who do you think should fly this plane?

Passenger B: Well, I love Mr. Standers. He is what we need at this time to fly this plane. He really speaks to my values.

R: And what makes him qualified to fly the plane?Airplane-Passengers

B: Well, don’t you see what he stands for? He’s devoted his life to overcoming passenger seat inequality. He wants all seats on the plane to be available for all passengers no matter how much they earn. He wants to level the playing field.

R: How will that help fly the plane?

B: Well, this way the poor don’t get stuck in the smaller, less comfortable seats and the wealthy don’t get all the luxuries. He is creating a revolution in commercial aviation.

R: Does that mean he’s qualified to fly the plane?

B: I think so. I really trust him. He says it like it is.

R: Thank you. (Pause) Ma’am, who do you think should fly the plane?

Passenger C: I don’t know. I used to think that Mrs. Stinton should fly the plane, but I don’t know if I trust her.

R: I can imagine that you would want to feel like you could trust your pilot. What is it about her that you don’t trust?

C: I don’t know; she seems secretive. I don’t know if she’s one of us.

R: Do you trust her capabilities as a pilot?

C: Of course. She is clearly the most qualified pilot of all the possibilities. I don’t know, I really want to love her, but I don’t.

R: So you are saying that it is important that you love your pilot in order to choose them?

C: Yes.

R: Even if you think they are the most qualified?

C: Yes.

R: Ok thank you. Have a good flight. And thank you. Please be sure to fasten your seat belt and know where your life vest is.

C: Thanks.

And what are your thoughts on this? I have a lot more to say about the current situation in this country, and Americans’ addiction to consumerism and the media. If you are curious to know, let me know…