Apr 7, 2014

It is great to see large companies like Honey Maid understanding the core concepts of Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and many luminaries from our history. The most effective way to overcome HATE is not with HATE, but with LOVE.

From the perspective of Respectful Confrontation, using war as a means to peace, using brute force to overcome bullying, claiming that you are right and the other wrong, never works to bring about new solutions and break the gridlock and polarity of our time.

Yes, LOVE and COMPASSION, RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING, are palpable forces that are still underestimated by most and embraced by the courageous few. The purpose of Respectful Confrontation, and also my new program called The Path of the Heartwalker, is to offer simple and powerful tools to obtain the courage and skills to walk more of your talk, and find fulfilment influencing the world in a powerfully supportive way. It’s time!

Honey Maid offers a great model for how to use POWER and combine it with LOVE to influence in a beneficial way for all.

However, there is a deeper issue they are addressing: In their response to the hate-mail they received for their ad featuring a gay male couple, they asked two artists to take printed copies of all the hate-mail they received, roll them up and put them together in a shape that spells out the word LOVE. They didn’t stop there! They then took all the responses they received in SUPPORT of their ad, rolled them up and surrounded all the hate messages, showing very clearly that they received more supportive messages than hateful messages.

I find this significant because I so rarely see the media used to remind us that, although there is plenty of extremist destructive actions out their to discourage us, there is actually far more positive, humane efforts being waged that we just never hear about. We wonder why we are so discouraged, cynical and worn out when all the media offers us is the gridlock, the power struggles, the hate.

Here in the US, we have Fox News and fundamentalists who use hate for the purpose of breaking things down. And on the other side – and just as damaging – we have networks like MSNBC that use most of their news time complaining about these destructive actions. And then you have CNN that seems to find it necessary to report hour after hour on the Malaysian Air plane disappearance.

Who is reporting on all the positive efforts, the success stories of charities, humanitarian organizations and private citizens? Most of the media is either turning a blind eye to what is going on, or obsessively dwelling on the negativity. No wonder we feel hopeless! What the people at Honey Maid are saying is, “Yes, there is HATE out there, but look… there is so much more LOVE!” Don’t get discouraged by what you see in the news. It is only one small part of the whole picture. There are so, so many organizations out there advocating for peace and addressing issues like hunger, climate change, and equality.

The Respectful Confrontation solution is to question what you are being fed, and have the courage and openheartedness to connect with people you don’t know so you can learn something new. Just hanging out with the people who share your views isn’t going to change anything. If that were the case, it would have already changed.

Do your soul a favor and spend some time on the Internet researching all and any organizations whose purpose is to foster lasting peace, fairness, and individual and global health. You’ll be amazed how much LOVE there is out there!

If you’d like to know more about The Path of the Heartwalker, check out the retreat I am leading at Omega Institute on July 4 – 6. We’d love to see you there.